Pro Car Associates can provide you for any of your Forced induction needs; From Nitrous refills to kits, Turbo chargers to custom turbo kits, Superchargers and even routine maintenance!


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Pro Car Associates was founded in 1969 by a pair of young enterprising engineers with a passion for drag racing, Chuck Wright and Jim Cavallero, who also owned Diamond Racing Engines (later to become Diamond Racing Pistons). Their focus was to make a strong impact upon the motorsports marketplace, which was undergoing explosive growth.

They chose to enter drag racingís flourishing Pro Stock class with a 1970 Camaro built and prepared by Pro Car, and driven by rookie Jim Hayter. The effort was highly competitive, with Hayter running consistently in the 9.70s, and a threat to win on any given Sunday. Hayterís effort in the new teamís Camaro did not go unnoticed, winning the National Hot Rod Associationís Rookie of the Year award for the 1970 season.

The success of the Pro Stock effort placed the Pro Car name at front of the ranks of engine and chassis builders of the period, and served as a springboard for both men to build their careers. Although the partnership was short lived, and Chuck bought Jimís interest in Pro Car, the two have remained close friends.


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